America's businesswoman, she's determined to move beyond circumstance to achieve and succeed. 

The story of Betsy Ross is an amazing example of a businesswoman whose one achievement became her legacy.

Betsy Ross was born in 1752 in Philadelphia, she married at the age of 21 to a man named John Ross. He was a local upholsterer. Betsy worked as his apprentice and they fell in love.

Betsy and John started their own upholstery business shortly after they were married. Then in 1776, the war broke out and fabrics were hard to find. The business was suffering. Then her husband joined the fight and was fatally wounded. She was left alone to run their business. She did all types of sewing to succeed. So, it was no surprise that in 1776, George Washington, Robert Morris and George Ross, (her late husband's uncle) went to visit her at the upholstery shop.  Washington showed Betsy a sketch of a flag with thirteen red and white stripes and thirteen six-pointed stars and asked Betsy if she could make the flag from the sketch. It's been noted, that Betsy wasn't sure she could, but agreed to try.  She suggested changing the six-point star to a five-point star; with one snip of her scissor - a star was born!     

The following year, on June 14,1977, Congress officially adopted the Stars and Stripes as the national flag!

Betsy, not only triumphed against all odds, but she left a legacy. 

America's businesswoman might not be called upon to do something as grand as sewing the American flag, but in every industry there's a woman that can change a life, or change an industry with a new idea or a new way of doing something. Everyday is a new opportunity to achieve something amazing!

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Everyone can make a difference! 

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