Is it still Thanksgiving?

Yes, at Tool Klean every day is Thanksgiving!

We're thankful to you, our customers, who by purchasing our products are partnering with our vision to help keep our world fresh, clean and protected. As well as, showing your trust in Tool Klean as a company and a growing small business. 

Although, UVC light is by no means a new sanitizing technique, its popularity has increased due to the widespread awareness of its ease of use and its effectiveness in killing germs.  These lights have many different uses.  There are tool, surface and room UVC lights from which to choose.  Buy one, buy two, buy three. 

Before leaving our website, check out our new 84W Tabletop.  It's strong, sturdy, powerful, and sports four bulbs in lieu of one.  Talk about a home run!  This light won't miss sanitizing surfaces with a direct hit, killing every disease-causing pathogen in its way.  This UVC Tabletop can easily be started, paused or stopped with its remote, making it convenient and safe.  Don't miss it!

Go to the SHOP tab, hit the arrow and the drop down will bring you to UVC Whole Room Sanitizers, click and you will see our beautiful 84W Tabletop.

Let us know what you think. 

Don't miss our next blog. The best is yet to come!

Thank you again for partnering with us.      

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