Partner with Passion is a two-fold statement:

1) There’s no limit to what people can accomplish, when their ideas are partnered with passion.

2) There’s no limit to what people can accomplish, when they partner with people with passion.

Passion was the driving force for creating Tool Klean and it’s products: passion to keep people and pets healthy.  Whereby, bringing attention to a man named Temis Guzman, who is driven to implement “germ legislation”.    

Temis Guzman, an Air Force Veteran, EMT, inventor, strategist, author and businessowner, is not a man of mere talk. He’s a man of action. One of his many endeavors, is his Massage Design and Innovation Business.  Implementing every germ fighting protection available from the sanitizing paint on his walls to Tool Klean’s UVC light products, he has created an environment of “breathe well” for his staff and clients.

Tool Klean’s contribution to Temis’ Massage Design and Innovation Business is our UVC 4W Light Stik bulb. The Tool Klean Anti-Microbial UVC Bulb comes with shatterproof safety film to prevent breakage and was a perfect fit for Temis’ own UV Cubby design. While his clients are getting massaged, their clothes and belongings are getting sanitized.  

Wow, that’s a great idea!

Passion creates ideas! 

Passion for quick, easy and effective sanitizing ignited the idea for the Tool Klean products.

Passion to create a germ-free environment ignited the idea for the “breath well” environment found at Massage Design and Innovation.

People were not created to be separated from one another, but to work together to achieve the impossible, build upon each other’s ideas, creating a whirlwind of possibilities to overcome the storm.

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