Did you ever wonder what's living on your make-up brushes? 

UV & your make-up brushes…is a topic too important to overlook. UV light is an easy way to kill germs that live on the pretty brushes we use everyday.   

Women love their make-up brushes. Just like the women who use them, they come in every shape and size. 

Everyday, we grab our many make-up brushes: our eyeshadow, eyebrow, blush, and most important, our cover everything we don't want anyone to see brush. Day after day, we grab our pretty brushes, never thinking about the bacteria that gathers on them simply by touching our skin.


And let's be honest…we don't wash our  brushes everyday.   

Well, we at Tool Klean have two products that make sanitizing your make-up brushes easy, quick and effective.  

Check out our UV light stik and our UV Oven -  NO HEAT, NO LIQUID, NO CHEMICALS, JUST UV LIGHT!

Go to our SHOP PAGE and click on our TOOL SANITIZERS to learn more about our products and their benefits.  

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