What are they, I asked myself as I walked into the kitchen?  I could see tiny black dots all over my counter and window sill.  I turned and grabbed for a towel and to my horror, when I turned back - those black dots were moving.

I was horrified!

Oddly enough, shortly before my bird mite encounter, I heard a story of bird mites getting into a friend's home and how difficult it was for her to get rid of them. To make matters worse, I had dogs.  No pesticides in my house!

The most important thing you must do before getting rid of your bird mites is to find how they're entering your home.  Once found, remove the birds along with their nests.  Then clean the area and seal the entry point.

Now you're ready to kill those bird mites!

I wish I would've known then, what I know now. I wouldn't have had to deal with those dirty bird mites for months after the birds were removed.

But I have exciting new for you -

Our Tool Klean UV Tabletop is being used to kill bird mites.  Yes, you heard me.  Our Tool Klean UV Sanitizing products can kill bird mites.  Last Friday a woman called the office.  She was thrilled to tell me how our UV Tabletop had solved her bird mite problem.  She was so excited, she ordered a second tabletop.  I loved listening to her story and how our product solved her problem. 

UV Technology is awesome!

If you're having a bird mite problem, rush to our SHOP page, click on the UV Room Sanitizers and order yours now!!!  

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