Glass Beads - TK-1-BLG (1 bag 11.0 oz )

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Borosilicate glass beads act as a conductive material to concentrate heat toward the center of the Hot Cup and maintain 212 degrees F for optimum use.  
They are used for sanitizing small instruments in a variety of industries (veterinary or animal sciences, dental offices, tattoo parlors, nail salons, etc.)  
Inserting clean instruments into the glass bead bed enhances the sanitation process destroying all microorganisms, including spores, in less than 10 seconds.  We recommend using our Tool CleanR before sanitizing tools.
Beads may get scratched eventually due to the nicks and abrasion of the instruments and tools.  We suggest replacing beads every 6 months.  To clean beads, rinse off dirt and debris under warm water in a small strainer, dry well before reusing.

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