By:  Roseann Sparacia

May 25, 2022

No need to inhale bleach or other harmful chemicals. Mold removal has never been easier!

As we know, mold can appear in our homes, workplaces, anywhere.  Mold is a fungus and is found in places where there's a high concentration of moisture.  Such as bathrooms, basements, and under sinks.  Mold comes in many different color and strains. The mold we most commonly see in our homes and workplaces is "black mold".  This mold can cause an array of symptoms, including severe headache, nose bleeds, upper-respiratory discomfort, and fatigue.  It can also cause an infant's lungs to bleed.  Mold is nasty!  This is why mold remediation is so important!

Luckily, Tool Klean can help by providing UV-C light sanitizers for sale that are highly effective against mold. UV-C light is an electromagnetic radiation wavelength emitted by the sun.  This wavelength is known to be germicidal in nature.  It works by deactivating the DNA of microorganisms.  Therefore, UV-C light will attack the mold at the cellular level and kill the mold spores easily and efficiently. 

In the past, people have not looked to UV light sanitizers as an option for mold removal because people haven't been made aware of UV Light technology and its benefits. The use of UV lights to kill pathogens goes as far back as the 1800s.  Education is the key!

Our powerful UV-C light sanitizers are fierce mold killers.  Our 100W and 84W Tabletops will kill the mold that's exposed to the light.  If you're more of a hands on, take charge kind of a person, our Handheld UV-C sanitizer is a perfect option for you! Our UV-C Rolling Cart sanitizer is a powerhouse and can handle your large areas with ease.  It's arms are adjustable, and the cart is simple to move around with its wheels for easy transport.


To view our complete line of UV-C sanitizers, simply go to our SHOP tab and click!   

If you have any questions, call us at 800-706-1677 or email us at: 





By:  Roseann Sparacia 

December 2, 2021

Is it still Thanksgiving?

Yes, at Tool Klean every day is Thanksgiving!

We're thankful to you, our customers, who by purchasing our products are partnering with our vision to help keep our world fresh, clean and protected. As well as, showing your trust in Tool Klean as a company and a growing small business. 

Although, UVC light is by no means a new sanitizing technique, its popularity has increased due to the widespread awareness of its ease of use and its effectiveness in killing germs.  These lights have many different uses.  There are tool, surface and room UVC lights from which to choose.  Buy one, buy two, buy three. 

Before leaving our website, check out our new 84W Tabletop.  It's strong, sturdy, powerful, and sports four bulbs in lieu of one.  Talk about a home run!  This light won't miss sanitizing surfaces with a direct hit, killing every disease-causing pathogen in its way.  This UVC Tabletop can easily be started, paused or stopped with its remote, making it convenient and safe.  Don't miss it!

Go to the SHOP tab, hit the arrow and the drop down will bring you to UVC Whole Room Sanitizers, click and you will see our beautiful 84W Tabletop.

Let us know what you think. 

Don't miss our next blog. The best is yet to come!

    Thank you again for partnering with us.      






By:  Roseann Sparacia 

November 18 2021

Partner with Passion is a two-fold statement:

1) There’s no limit to what people can accomplish, when their ideas are partnered with passion.

2) There’s no limit to what people can accomplish, when they partner with people with passion.

Passion was the driving force for creating Tool Klean and it’s products: passion to keep people and pets healthy.  Whereby, bringing attention to a man named Temis Guzman, who is driven to implement “germ legislation”.    

Temis Guzman, an Air Force Veteran, EMT, inventor, strategist, author and businessowner, is not a man of mere talk. He’s a man of action. One of his many endeavors, is his Massage Design and Innovation Business.  Implementing every germ fighting protection available from the sanitizing paint on his walls to Tool Klean’s UVC light products, he has created an environment of “breath well” for his staff and clients.

Tool Klean’s contribution to Temis’ Massage Design and Innovation Business is our UVC 4W Light Stik bulb. The Tool Klean Anti-Microbial UVC Bulb comes with shatterproof safety film to prevent breakage and was a perfect fit for Temis’ own UV Cubby design. While his clients are getting massaged, their clothes and belongings are getting sanitized.  

Wow, that’s a great idea!

Passion creates ideas! 

Passion for quick, easy and effective sanitizing ignited the idea for the Tool Klean products.

Passion to create a germ-free environment ignited the idea for the “breath well” environment found at Massage Design and Innovation.

People were not created to be separated from one another, but to work together to achieve the impossible, build upon each other’s ideas, creating a whirlwind of possibilities to overcome the storm.



By:  Roseann Sparacia

July 28, 2021

America's businesswoman, she's determined to move beyond circumstance to achieve and succeed. 

The story of Betsy Ross is an amazing example of a businesswoman whose one achievement became her legacy.

Betsy Ross was born in 1752 in Philadelphia, she married at the age of 21 to a man named John Ross. He was a local upholsterer. Betsy worked as his apprentice and they fell in love.

Betsy and John started their own upholstery business shortly after they were married. Then in 1776, the war broke out and fabrics were hard to find. The business was suffering. Then her husband joined the fight and was fatally wounded. She was left alone to run their business. She did all types of sewing to succeed. So, it was no surprise that in 1776, George Washington, Robert Morris and George Ross, (her late husband's uncle) went to visit her at the upholstery shop.  Washington showed Betsy a sketch of a flag with thirteen red and white stripes and thirteen six-pointed stars and asked Betsy if she could make the flag from the sketch. It's been noted, that Betsy wasn't sure she could, but agreed to try.  She suggested changing the six-point star to a five-point star; with one snip of her scissor - a star was born!     

The following year, on June 14,1977, Congress officially adopted the Stars and Stripes as the national flag!

Betsy, not only triumphed against all odds, but she left a legacy. 

America's businesswoman might not be called upon to do something as grand as sewing the American flag, but in every industry there's a woman that can change a life, or change an industry with a new idea or a new way of doing something. Everyday is a new opportunity to achieve something amazing!

Check out our Shop page - our products were one woman's quest for making  pet places healthier for pets and pet professionals.  She never thought -these products would be used in homes, offices, schools, everywhere!   

Everyone can make a difference!       



By: Roseann Sparacia
Friday, July 16, 2021

What do you like best about summer?

Is it the beach?

Is it the sand?

Is it the barbeques with family and friends or is it simply the sunshine?

Although, I love everything summer has to offer. It's the sunshine that I love best.   

Did you know that the word sunshine literally means someone or something that radiates warmth, cheer and happiness?  There's nothing like grabbing your morning coffee or tea and sitting in the backyard enjoying those quiet moments in the sun before the barbeque.

There's much to do after those quiet moments; getting your home and backyard ready for your friends and family; making sure everything is clean for your perfect get together.

Our Tool Klean's CleanR solution, exclusively formulated IN THE USA for Tool Klean, cleans surfaces without leaving a sticky residue.  It's the perfect solution for cleaning your table, chairs, barbeque, door knobs, sliding door handles, everything to remove debris and get everything squeaky clean. 


Summer isn't over! 

Grab your bottle now.  Go to our SHOP PAGE and click on Tool Sanitizers.



By: Roseann Sparacia
Tuesday, June 29,2021

What are they, I asked myself as I walked into the kitchen?  I could see tiny black dots all over my counter and window sill.  I turned and grabbed for a towel and to my horror, when I turned back - those black dots were moving.


I was horrified!

Oddly enough, shortly before my bird mite encounter, I heard a story of bird mites getting into a friend's home and how difficult it was for her to get rid of them. To make matters worse, I had dogs.  No pesticides in my house!

The most important thing you must do before getting rid of your bird mites is to find how they're entering your home.  Once found, remove the birds along with their nests.  Then clean the area and seal the entry point.

Now you're ready to kill those bird mites!

I wish I would've known then, what I know now. I wouldn't have had to deal with those dirty bird mites for months after the birds were removed.

But I have exciting new for you -

Our Tool Klean UV Tabletop is being used to kill bird mites.  Yes, you heard me.  Our Tool Klean UV Sanitizing products can kill bird mites.  Last Friday a woman called the office.  She was so excited to tell me how our UV Tabletop had solved her bird mite problem.  She was so excited, she ordered a second tabletop.  I loved listening to her story and how our product solved her problem. 

UV Technology is awesome!

If you're having a bird mite problem, rush to our SHOP page, click on the UV Room Sanitizers and order yours now!!!  



By: Roseann Sparacia
Monday, June 21, 2021                         

Did you ever wonder what's living on your make-up brushes? 

UV & your make-up brushes…is a topic too important to overlook. UV light is an easy way to kill germs that live on the pretty brushes we use everyday.   

Women love their make-up brushes. Just like the women who use them, they come in every shape and size. 

Everyday, we grab our many make-up brushes: our eyeshadow, eyebrow, blush, and most important, our cover everything we don't want anyone to see brush. Day after day, we grab our pretty brushes, never thinking about the bacteria that gathers on them simply by touching our skin.


And let's be honest…we don't wash our  brushes everyday.   

Well, we at Tool Klean have two products that make sanitizing your make-up brushes easy, quick and effective.  

Check out our UV light stik and our UV Oven -  NO HEAT, NO LIQUID, NO CHEMICALS, JUST UV LIGHT!

Go to our SHOP PAGE and click on our TOOL SANITIZERS to learn more about our products and their benefits.  



By: Roseann Sparacia 
Tuesday, June 15th 2021

UV & the Pet Industry - the pet industry is one that's reaped much benefit from the UV technology. 

UVC technology has evolved since its inception in the mid-century. It was first used in medical facilities due to its proven effectiveness to sanitize, but soon grew to become a widespread resource for consumers and businesses alike. 

However, it was in 2017, that a dog groomer/ breeder realized that the Pet Industry was untouched by this UVC technology and its benefits.

It was her love for the industry and for animals that led to the creation of Tool Klean, with a preliminary focus on UV & the Pet Industry. 

As in every industry, it’s the person passionate about what he or she does that will seek to create an innovative new product or service with the goal of improving that industry.  UVC light devices are those innovative products that make the life of the groomer, veterinarian, doggie daycare and kennel owner’s life easier, as well as creating a healthier environment for them and their clients.    

Tool Klean products are uniquely made for the Pet Industry: tested and proven to kill OVER 99% OF PATHOGENS, INCLUDING CANINE COUGH, VIRAL ENTERITIS, RINGWORM AND MORE… 

The Tool Klean UV Oven Pro is perfect for sanitizing grooming tools, brushes, blades, even the groomer’s cell phones and other personal items.  The Oven Pro is mountable, making it great for mobile groomers as well as storefront salons. 

Be sure to remove the debris from your tools before placing them in the UV Oven Pro.  Our Tool CleanR will remove debris with no sticky residue. This is a Tool Klean exclusive product.  It cleans surfaces, as well as tools. Don’t miss out on this product!  It’s a winner!  

Our products are also designed to be used at home to make the pet owner’s life easier. 

Perfect for home use is our Tool Klean UV light Stik. It will quickly sanitize kitty litter boxes, pet beds, cages, food dishes, couches, chairs, and any other place your furry friend is allowed to go.


Tool Klean's UVC Products are pet-approved!! 




"What to look for in a UV light product, and how to make sure you're buying from the right company" 

By: Roseann Sparacia 
Monday, June 7, 2021



Now that you’ve decided to purchase your new product from Tool Klean, how do you choose the one that best fits your needs?

Whether a business owner or consumer, there are some things you need to know before purchasing a UV light device, and what to look for in a UV light product. Ask yourself these questions: What is my purpose for purchasing a UV light? From which company should I purchase my UV Light?  How do I know that the UV light actually does what the company states it does? Does Tool Klean offer anything aside from UV Light devices?

No worries! See below for the answers to these and other frequently asked questions:

Which product do I buy and how will it help me?

  • For entire rooms or large objects: The UV Tabletop Room Sanitizer & the UV Rolling Cart
  • For hard-to-reach spaces or fragile items: The UV Light Stik or UVC Max Handheld Sanitizer
  • For small, frequently-used items (phones, keys, glasses, etc.): The UV Light Oven Pro
  • For small metal tools and objects used daily by pet groomers, barbers, stylists and the at home manicurist. The list goes on…: The Tool Klean Hot Cup Sanitizer
  • How do I keep my Tool Klean products clean? Our Tool CleanR Sanitizing Spray
  • How do I stay safe while using my UV light device? Our UV Safety Glasses can help with that, along with our built-in safety features for each product.
  • Check out the 'Shop' section for more details. 

    From which company should I purchase my UV light device?

  • EPA Approved? Since the EPA regulates UV products and
  • sanitizers to ensure they are safe and efficient, it’s important to purchase one from a company with an EPA registered facility. Tool Klean is approved by the EPA and FCC with our EPA establishment # being 94836-NY-1.

  • Integrity is Key: Be on the lookout for any company that sells UV light products but either doesn’t have an EPA registration # or has a foreign EPA registration #. These companies are selling their UV products illegally in the U.S.

  • How do I know the UV light device will do what the company tells me it does?
      • Lab Results: It’s imperative to make sure that the company from which you’re buying your UV light device can provide laboratory results to back up their claims of eliminating disease-causing pathogens. All of our Tool Klean products have been lab-tested and are capable of destroying hard to kill pathogens, such as: bacteria, mold, fungus, staph, salmonella, kennel cough, and much more, keeping you and those around you safe. See the ‘How It Works’ section of our website to review lab results and learn more about the product you’d like to buy.
      • Reviews: As everyone knows, if a company has poor reviews or very little reviews in general, it’s likely that their products and services aren’t performing at a high level. At Tool Klean, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our products, but also our superior customer service. By visiting the ‘Shop’ section of our website, you can see that we average between 4.5-5 stars on all of our products, and many people are quite pleased with our customer service as well.

    Now that you know what to look for in a UV light product, and how to make sure you're buying from the right company, you're all set to go!

    If you have any other questions that weren’t covered in this blog, please visit the ‘FAQ’ section of our website or call us at 800-706-1677 and we’d be happy to help you with whatever you need!


    Click the SHOP button to see all our products, proof of EPA, their safety features and the laboratory results showing that our products have been tested and proven to kill over 99% of disease-causing pathogens.




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