Keep your grooming salon safe!

Are you serious about keeping your grooming salon safe for your clients?

Introducing the UV Light Sanitizing Oven from Tool Klean

Our award-winning sanitizing oven harnesses the power of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UV-C rays) to destroy micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, insects, and other invisible threats. Hospitals and medical labs have been using UV-based sanitization for over 100 years. Tool Klean is the first to develop an affordable line of products for the pet services industry.

Get Your Tools Seriously Clean

Tool Klean was developed by groomers for groomers. We understand the unique challenge of maintaining a clean, safe workspace while servicing back-to-back pets in a busy salon. Our products allow you to sanitize your clippers, brushes, blades, and other small tools in just minutes – without messy, toxic chemicals.

Use time between clients to place your tools in the oven and let our hospital-grade germicidal UV-C bulbs do the work for you. Our compact, wall-mountable oven fits in any workspace and it kills germs without heat. There’s no downtime, which means your sales volume will increase along with your safety standards. It’s the fastest, most cost-effective way to keep your pet clients healthy and happy.

Get Tool Klean’s UV Light Sanitizing Oven for just $98.95 and enjoy a new kind of clean. You’ll spend less time worrying, less time cleaning, and more time doing what you love.

Get Your Tools Seriously Clean

Professional groomers agree that Tool Klean is a must-have for every salon.

I love it! I put this oven in a primary place where my customers can see the blue light and know that our shop is carrying the highest standards of clean offered. With 10 humans working in the school and salon, it is a relief for me to have a more reliable system… I feel every shop that is serious about ‘clean’ should have your products.”
– DuAnn Chambers