Protect your household from germs!

Love your pet but hate the mess?

Tool Klean’s UV Sanitizing Light Stik brings professional germ-busting power home.

You can love your pets without loving the germs that they often leave behind (or the associated health risks). Keep your household safe by using the power of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UV-C rays) to destroy bacteria, viruses, flea eggs, bed bugs, dust mites, and mold. Our lightweight, rechargeable UV Light Stik uses the same technology endorsed by healthcare professionals.

Get Your Home Seriously Clean

Tool Klean was developed by professional pet groomers to address the challenge of maintaining a clean, safe workspace. Now, our affordable UV Sanitizing Light Stik is available for pet owners to use at home. The cordless UV Light Stik uses hospital-grade germicidal UV-C bulbs to quickly and effectively eradicate micro-organisms with a single 10-20 second sweep.

  • Can’t keep your cat off the kitchen counter? Bacteria is no match for powerful UV-C rays.
  • Still house-training your new puppy? Our Light Stik neutralizes odors as it eliminates germs.

Use it on dog beds, cat litter boxes, toys, crates, and more! And it’s not just for pets… Tool Klean’s UV Light Stik can be used to sanitize cell phones, computer keyboards, and even toothbrushes.

Get Tool Klean’s UV Light Stik for just $49.95 and enjoy a new kind of clean – and a new peace of mind.

Get Your Home Seriously Clean

Tool Klean customers have one thing in common – they love our products!

"After looking at many other portable sanitizers i chose this one. The quality is nice and instructions are easy and clear. I like the wand shape and portability. Its been a month since ive ordered and so far so good."