Fear The Invisible Enemy

What You Don’t See Can Hurt You

We know that everyone in the pet products and services industry has one thing in common – we’re pet people first. Our lifelong love for animals ignites the passion that keeps us going, even on the most stressful days.

As pet people, we want to make sure that every animal we serve leaves our establishment healthy and happy. A spotless grooming room is a safe space for people and pets, so we do everything we can to make hygiene a top priority.


But what if you could do more?

What if you could add a simple step to your cleaning regimen that is effective at **killing germs quickly and easily?  What if you could work faster and see more clients without sacrificing safety?

In a fast-paced business like ours, cross-contamination is a given if we’re not cleaning and sanitizing our tools and work spaces immediately after we use them. It’s frightening to think that we could inadvertently spread germs and disease to our pet and people clients even though our grooming rooms look clean on the surface.

Bacteria, viruses, and other insidious germs are invisible (or nearly so) to the naked eye, but what you don’t see can hurt you.