The Invisible Enemy

Micro-organisms and pathogens transfer from you to pets and other people.  Some on objects, others in the air.  Your hand tools and equipment harbor micro-organisms such as bacteria, virus, fungus, mold, mildew, flea eggs & larva. You are spreading the invisible enemy to people and pets unless you are cleaning and sanitizing your tools and equipment after use.  Avoid cross contamination by sanitizing and disinfecting your tools as often as possible.  This may be hard to do during a busy day and we may not have time to clean everything in salons or at home, but today you have options to utilize new technology to eliminate most microorganisms on tools, surfaces, and equipment.  Bacteria lurks on toys, beds, counters, phones, computers, tables, and much more.  

Now there is a quick easy way to "Keep It Clean" with Tool Klean products.  Our products have advanced UV light technology which help eliminate micro-organisms.  Everything can be sanitized with our products and the use is only limited by what you have not thought of! 
Do not spread bad germs, destroy them with Tool Klean Products, the Germbusters!