How to kill insect eggs in your home with UV Light.

Written by: Jesse Weimer 

We've all been there. You're cleaning a room in your house when suddenly you notice something strange. Upon closer inspection, it's revealed that some type of insect laid eggs in your home. Grossed out, terrified, or both, you run to get something that will destroy the eggs. This whole time you may be asking, "What is the best way to kill insect eggs in my home?". 

Fortunately, Tool Klean has the solution in the form of our UV light products. Using UV light to eliminate insect eggs has been relied on in the medical and scientific community for years and has boasted great results. According to a study by the NIH (National Institutes of Health) ultraviolet light is proven to be quite effective at eliminating different types of insect eggs including beetles, moths, and other common pests. 

The UV light products offered by us here at Tool Klean use the same wavelength (254 nm) as those used in the testing by the NIH. This wavelength of ultraviolet light, also known as UV-C, is incredibly efficient at killing insect eggs of different varieties. All of the UV light products we provide have excellent lab test results and are both safe and simple to use. 

For larger rooms or areas, we recommend our best-selling UV Light Tabletop Sanitizer. Sporting a 100 watt bulb and powerful sanitizing radius of 600 square feet, this beauty is sure to zap unwanted pests out of existence. For smaller areas that require more precise cleaning, the UV Light Stik is your best bet. This sleek and simple handheld sanitizer will kill insect eggs in minutes with slow sweeps of the required area. 

UV light for insect egg removal is proven effective and should be added to every home cleaning routine. Instead of using pesticides or other chemical products, save your time and improve your overall health and wellness with Tool Klean's UV light products! 

Visit our 'Shop' section to learn more about our products and how they can help kill insect eggs in your home. Feel free to browse through our 'FAQ' section as well, in order to learn more about UV light and how it is a safe way to clean and sanitize. 

Stay safe out there folks!




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