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Anyone who says grooming is an easy job certainly hasn’t done it. We’re groomers by trade, so we understand that stress and frustration can affect your quality of life at work. Much of that stress comes from the time, expense, and responsibility of maintaining a clean, safe environment for clients. We knew there had to be a better way than traditional cleaners and disinfectants.
When we heard about the power of UV-C light to destroy micro-organisms, bacteria, mold, and other invisible threats, we were eager to learn more. If it was good enough for medical labs and hospitals, we knew that we could trust the technology for our pet clients.
Tool Klean has harnessed the power of UV-C light to create an innovative line of products for groomers and other pet industry professionals. Our mission is to provide unique cleaning tools that are efficient, easy to use, and help maintain a healthy environment for people and pets.
We’re proud to announce that our UV Light Oven won 3 rd Place for Best New Grooming Product of 2018 at SuperZoo. We were nominated for the prestigious Barkleigh Best New Product of 2018 award, and we have plans to expand the line in 2019.
All Tool Klean products comply with the new safety standards set by the PPGSA. We are FDA-compliant and our products are CE, RoHS, EMC-tested, FCC-certified, and use UL-certified adapters.

About UV Light Technology

What is UV-C Light?

UV-C, also known as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), is the germicidal wavelength released by the sun. Fortunately, almost all UV-C rays are blocked by the atmosphere because they can be harmful with prolonged exposure. Scientists have found ways to reproduce these UV-C rays with germicidal light bulbs and LEDs that target the invisible enemy – that army of micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria, and other germs that can be found in our workspaces and homes.

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UV-C rays kill germs by destroying nucleic acids, which disrupts the DNA. The micro-organism dies shortly after exposure to UV-C light. UV-based sanitization has been used in hospitals, medical labs, and industrial applications for over 100 years. As the technology became more accessible, even consumer-facing businesses like nail salons were able to take advantage of UV-C tools.

For the first time, Tool Klean is bringing the sanitizing power of UV-C rays to portable, compact appliances developed for the pet services industry. Our comprehensive system includes the award-winning UV Light Oven, portable UV Light Stik, sterilizing UV Hot Cup, and industrial-strength UV Tabletop Room Sanitizer. These products work together or on their own to make eradicating the invisible enemy easier than ever. UV technology redefines what it means to be clean.

How Tool Klean Products Work

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Fear The Invisible Enemy

What You Don't See Can Hurt You

We know that everyone in the pet products and services industry has one thing in common – we’re pet people first. Our lifelong love for animals ignites the passion that keeps us going, even on the most stressful days.
As pet people, we want to make sure that every animal we serve leaves our establishment healthy and happy. A spotless grooming room is a safe space for people and pets, so we do everything we can to make hygiene a top priority.


But What If You Could Do More?

What if you could add a simple step to your cleaning regimen that is more effective at killing germs than traditional chemical disinfectants? What if you could work faster and see more clients without sacrificing safety? In a fast-paced business like ours, cross-contamination is a given if we’re not cleaning and sanitizing our tools and workspaces immediately after we use them. It’s frightening to think that we could inadvertently spread germs and disease to our pet and people clients even though our grooming rooms look clean on the surface.

Bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, flea larvae, and other insidious germs are invisible (or nearly so) to the naked eye, but what you don’t see can hurt you.

We call this the invisible enemy. They’re everywhere.

Tool Klean Offers a New Kind of Klean.

Tool Klean’s UV light sanitizing tools are the fastest, most cost-effective way to maintain a safe, healthy, germ-free workplace. Our tools harness the power of UV-C rays to destroy the invisible enemy in no time at all and without the use of toxic, irritating chemical agents. You’ll spend less time worrying, less time cleaning, and a lot more time doing what you love.

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Experts Weigh In:

Tool Klean products keep people and animals safe by destroying the invisible enemy that you can’t see. It’s so simple and so effective that it can be hard to believe it’s working. Our friend (and groomer) Delise from Bardel Bows recently interviewed Mario DiFante of Four Paws Grooming. Watch Mario demonstrate our products and discuss the benefits that Tool Klean will bring to your business.

Mario and Delise aren’t the only groomers who love Tool Klean! Check out what our customers have to say about how our UV cleaning tools have made their jobs easier.

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