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Anyone who says grooming is an easy job certainly hasn’t done it. We’re Professional Pet Groomers, by trade, so we understand that stress and frustration can affect your quality of life at work. Much of that stress comes from the time, expense, and responsibility of maintaining a clean, safe environment for clients. We knew there had to be a better way than traditional cleaners and disinfectants.
When we heard about the power of UV-C light to destroy micro-organisms, bacteria, mold, and other invisible threats, we were eager to learn more. If it was good enough for medical labs and hospitals, we knew that we could trust the technology for our pet clients.
Tool Klean has harnessed the power of UV-C light to create an innovative line of products for groomers and other pet industry professionals. Our mission is to provide unique cleaning tools that are efficient, easy to use, and help maintain a healthy environment for people and pets.
We’re proud to announce that our UV Light Oven won 3 rd Place for Best New Grooming Product of 2018 at SuperZoo. We were nominated for the prestigious Barkleigh Best New Product of 2018 award, and we have plans to expand the line in 2019.
All Tool Klean products comply with the new safety standards set by the PPGSA. We are FDA-compliant and our products are CE, RoHS, EMC-tested, FCC-certified, and use UL-certified adapters.
Tool Klean is proud to receive 3rd place in the Best New Products for 2018 award program at SuperZoo and an honored nominee for the Barkleigh Honors 2018 Best New Product award.  These are highly prestigious awards and it is an honor to receive.