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Tool Klean UV Light sanitizer for dog grooming tools

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I have added this and all Tool Klean's other products to my academy for students and instructors to sanitize their equipment throughout the grooming day. Excellent product and customer service. Highly recommend for all grooming shops.

Dara F.

Absolutely love! Works great! Would recommend.

Tool Klean Customer

I own a busy pet grooming salon and can’t begin to tell you how great this product works . This is one of a kind and reassures me that my tools stay clean. Def worth it. This is the best choice on Amazon.

Carlos Zapelli

Get Tool Klean and enjoy a new kind of clean. You’ll spend less time worrying, less time cleaning, and a lot more time doing what you love.

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About Us

Find out more about us and check out our certifications, awards, and member organizations.

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Destroy germs with Tool Klean UV Light Products

The Invisible Enemy

You can't see them but they are there!  Dangerous bacteria, viruses, molds, worms, lice, and more.

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UV Light Technology

How does UV light work to destroy the invisible enemy? The technology behind our products.  

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