Q: What is UVC light?
A: UVC (also known as ultraviolet type-C) light is a light wavelength naturally emitted by the sun but blocked by our ozone layer. UVC light has the power to render microorganisms inactive by breaking down their DNA, killing them in the process. In recent years, modern science has been able to harness this light into fluorescent bulbs for the purpose of sanitization and pathogen disposal.

Q: Is UVC light harmful to humans/animals/plants?
A: Yes. If humans, animals, or even plants are exposed to UVC light for a long enough period of time, the light will begin to damage their genetic material. In the case of humans and animals, this means damaging the skin cells and eye cells. People, animals, and plants should never be in the room while UV lamp treatment is occurring and the UV bulb is on. In the case of handheld UV products, it is extremely important to wear protective equipment, such as UV safety glasses and gloves, while operating the products. 

Q: What kinds of UVC products do you sell?

A: We offer a range of UVC products including UV lighting systems like the UV Rolling Cart Sanitizer & UV Tabletop Room Sanitizer, both designed to disinfect larger areas, as well as smaller UV items like the UV Oven Pro & UV Light Stik, which are ideal for sanitizing smaller objects. For more information on all of our products, feel free to browse the full collection here: https://toolklean.com/collections

Q: Do your products have safety features that will keep me from being directly exposed to the UVC light?
A: Yes absolutely. All of our products have built in safety features specifically designed to keep the user safe. These features vary among our products but include automatic shut off switches to prevent UV exposure, countdown timers that allow the user to leave the room before the device turns on, motion sensors to ensure the device shuts off if a person enters the room unaware, and remote controls to allow the user to safely operate certain devices from a distance. Additionally, we sell UV safety glasses that we highly recommend for anyone who buys our products as an extra layer of protection. More information about our product’s safety features can be found in the user guide for each product.

Q: Are your devices complicated to use?
A: No. Although our products differ in their methods of operation, all of the devices we sell are very user-friendly and easy to operate. The UV bulbs come pre-installed in each of our products, so the user can simply plug it in, follow the user guide for simple operating and safety instructions, and begin to sanitize what they need to. Some devices are great for sanitizing large areas and spaces, while others are effective for sanitizing smaller personal items that are frequently used.

Q: How do UVC light products get rid of germs?
A: The UV bulbs in our products destroy any pathogens they come into contact with by virtue of the UVC light wavelength’s ability to completely break down the pathogens’ DNA and render it inactive.

Q: How effective are your products at killing germs?
A: Highly effective, and we have lab results posted on our website to guarantee it. Our devices have been shown to kill 99.99% of many dangerous pathogens including staph, salmonella, canine cough, and more.

Q: Do your products kill mold?

A: Yes! UV-C light will break down mold spores and help to prevent future mold growth. We recommend either the UV Tabletop or UV Rolling Cart for mold treatment. 

Q: Do your products kill COVID-19?
A: While we haven’t been able to directly test our products on the COVID-19 virus, other UVC light devices with the same 253.7nm wavelength that ours use have been tested on COVID-19 and have been found to successfully kill 99.99% of COVID-19 virus in under a minute. Those studies were conducted using LED bulbs. We use fluorescent bulbs in our products which are stronger and more efficient, but use the same UVC wavelength and are therefore just as effective as an LED bulb.

For more information on how UVC light is effective against corona viruses, please refer to our Articles section here: https://toolklean.com/pages/does-uvc-light-products-work-on-corona-virus-here-is-what-the-experts-say

Q: How long does it take to kill germs?
A: It depends on the product, but on average it takes 10-15 minutes for total sanitization. For larger spaces that need UVC treatment, we recommend closer to 20-30 minutes to ensure that the areas furthest from the device are being sanitized.
Note: UVC light will begin killing microorganisms in seconds, but it’s best to use our devices for at least 10-15 minutes to ensure optimal sanitization of surfaces, spaces, and objects.

Q: Do items and surfaces have to be within line of sight of the UV light in order to be sanitized?
A: Yes they do. If an object is blocked or shadowed by something in a way that the light cannot directly reach it, it will not be sanitized. Similar to how standing in the shade of a tree will keep you from getting a sunburn. Make sure surfaces and objects are clearly visible and unhindered in order to get maximum sanitization from our UV devices.

Q: Do your products give off ozone?
A: All of our UV products operate at a UV-C wavelength of 253.7nm EXCEPT for our 150W UV Trolley Sanitizer which operates at a lower wavelength and therefore emits ozone. UV products are only capable of generating ozone at wavelengths below 240nm. At 253.7nm, our UV products (except for the 150W UV Trolley) are actually capable of eliminating ozone, along with pathogens. 

Q: Do your bulbs contain mercury?
A: Yes, a trace amount. All fluorescent bulbs contain a trace amount of mercury, even non-UV bulbs.

Q: Do your products use or give off heat?

A: Our UV products do not use heat to kill pathogens, only light. The bulbs in our products do not give off much heat, about as much as a typical fluorescent bulb. Our Anti-microbial Hot Cup uses heat to sterilize metal tools and objects without the use of UV light. 

Q: There is a strange odor I sometimes smell after using the UV Tabletop or UV Rolling Cart. What is that?
A: That odor is normal. It is created by the UV light destroying pathogens and also incinerating hair and skin cells that were in the area during treatment. It should dissipate in 5-10 minutes. If the smell persists, it is recommended to ventilate the room how the user sees fit. 

Q: Who should I contact if my device isn’t working?
A: If there is an issue with your device, we would be more than happy to provide the assistance you need. Contact info@toolklean.com with your inquiry and you will receive a response the same day (during business hours). From there one of our managers will reach out to assist you.

Q: Is there a warranty on your products? 

A: Yes! All of our products come with a warranty. For more details on the warranty information, please see the 'Shipping and Returns' section of our website. 

Q: Can UVC light damage paintings?

A: Technically, yes it can. However, it would take a considerable amount of UVC exposure for the paint to fade. Therefore, if short, intermittent UVC treatments are being done in the vicinity, the paintings should be fine. If longer, more consistent treatments are needed, we recommend removing the paintings from the walls for the time being and putting them back up after the UVC treatment concludes.