What Is UV-C Light?

UV-C, also known as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), is the germicidal wavelength released by the sun. Fortunately, almost all UV-C rays are blocked by the atmosphere because they can be harmful with prolonged exposure. Scientists have found ways to reproduce these UV-C rays in UV light bulbs that target the invisible enemy – that army of micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria, fungus and other germs that can be found in our work spaces and homes.

How it works -

UV-C rays kill germs by destroying nucleic acids, which disrupts the DNA. The micro-organism dies shortly after exposure to UV-C light. UV-based sanitation has been used in hospitals, medical labs, and industrial applications for over 100 years.

Now Tool Klean is bringing the sanitizing power of UV-C rays to portable, compact appliances developed for the salon services industry. Our comprehensive system includes the award-winning UV Light Oven Pro, portable UV Light Stik, sanitizing UV Hot Cup, and industrial-strength UV Tabletop Room & Rolling Cart Sanitizers. These products work together or on their own to make eradicating the invisible enemy easier than ever. UV technology redefines what it means to be clean.