What Is UV-C Light?

UV-C, also known as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), is the germicidal wavelength released by the sun. Fortunately, almost all UV-C rays are blocked by the atmosphere and typically do not reach the earth’s surface. However, this is a good thing, as UV-C light can be harmful to many organisms if they experience periods of time with prolonged exposure. We do understand that there are certain benefits to using UV-C light in various applications. Scientists have found ways to reproduce these UV-C rays in UV light bulbs that target the invisible enemy—that army of micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria, fungus, and other germs that can be found in our workspaces and homes. By simply exposing your living or working areas to UV-C rays, you can effectively sanitize these surfaces, ridding them from the threat of exposure to harmful micro-organisms, bacteria, and pathogens.

How it works -

After understanding what UV-C light is, we learn they can effectively kill germs by destroying nucleic acids, which disrupts the DNA contained within them. The micro-organism dies shortly after being exposed to a UV-C light source. UV-based sanitation has been used in hospitals, medical labs, and industrial applications, such as water purification and treatment, for over 100 years.

With our increased understanding of what is UV-C light and how these rays can work for our benefit, Tool Klean is bringing the sanitizing power of UV-C rays to portable, compact appliances developed for the salon services industry. Our comprehensive system includes the award-winning UV Light Oven Pro, portable UV Light Stik, sanitizing UV Hot Cup, and industrial-strength UV Tabletop Room & Rolling Cart Sanitizers. These products work together or on their own to make eradicating the invisible enemy easier than ever. UV technology redefines what it means to be clean.

For more information on what UV-C light is, and how we are able to use it in our UV sanitizing products, contact us today.