Tool Klean Product Highlight Videos

Tool Klean - An Industry Leader in UV Sanitizing Products 

The Tool Klean UV Wand Sanitizer Kit allows you to quickly sanitize mail, food, doorknobs, counters, electronics, and other surfaces at home, at work, in the car, at hotels, and anywhere else you go.

The Tool Klean Hot Cup Salon Tool Sanitizer allows you to quickly and conveniently sanitize metal tools using dry liquids, harmful chemicals, or messes.

The Tool Klean Tidy Teeth UV Toothbrush Sanitizer is your solution for excellent oral health. Sanitize any size toothbrush in 60 seconds with UV light. It sports a rechargeable long-lasting battery and is travel suitable.

The Tool Klean UV Oven Pro Sanitizer Cabinet allows you to quickly sanitize small objects such as cell phones, credit cards, face masks, and salon tools using only UV heat, chemicals, or liquids.  

Anita Hill Moses, owner of B.A.D. Braids and Dreads, has been a hair salon owner for over 30 years. The recent addition of the UV Oven Pro to her salon has been a major gamechanger! Check out her testimonial videos below. 

The Tool Klean UV Sanitizer Lamp allows you to safely and conveniently sanitize in 15-30 minutes using UV light.

The Tool Klean Rolling Cart UVC Sanitizer allows you to achieve quick and efficient sanitization wherever it is needed.