See our products in action!

Tool Klean UV sanitizers have a great many applications. Whether you need to sanitize your home, business, or vehicle, we have you covered. Take a look at some of our products below and check out our shop to see which UV sanitizer is right for you!


UV Tabletop turned off sitting on coffee table  UV tabletop being turned on inside office  UV Tabletop turned on

UV Oven being used in a kitchen  Items being placed into the UV Oven  UV Oven sitting on kitchen counter

Toothbrush being placed into UV sanitizer  Toothbrush sitting in UV sanitizer with lid openToothbrush sitting in UV sanitizer with lid closed

   UV Oven being used to sanitize grooming tools   UV Oven and Gusty Air Dryer in use in a grooming salon

          UV Rolling Cart without bulbs exposed          UV Rolling Cart with arm extended and bulbs on.                UV Rolling cart standing up with bulbs on 

Rolling cart being used in a vehicle.   UV Rolling Cart being used to clean a gym  UV Rolling Cart being used to clean a fire truck  UV Rolling cart being used to clean a gym with the lights off

32 oz Tool Cleanr being used  Tool Cleanr 32 oz bottle      8 oz tool cleanr