7 Tips to Safely Use a UV Whole Room Sanitizer


Written by our contributing author Matthew Wyatt & Reviewed/Edited by Tool Klean's VP of Marketing Jesse Weimer

Protecting the health of you and those around you is our primary concern here at Tool Klean. Whether at the office, home, school, or nursing home care, we find solutions that keep the environment clean and free of pathogens that are likely to cause infections or spread disease. Kudos to the technological marvels that have made it possible to improve our health and wellness!

Speaking of healthcare equipment, UVC whole room sanitizers top the list. As the name suggests, UVC sanitizers kill the pathogens around you, thus making it safe for you to breathe and stay healthy. 

UVC sanitizers have the ability to kill viruses through direct exposure. The dose and duration of usage of a UVC sanitizer vary with the areas we are looking to disinfect. The ultraviolet rays from the sanitizer pierce the bacteria and viruses, killing the DNA. Since the DNA helps reproduce these pathogens, rendering them inoperable keeps them from growing and spreading infections. 

UVC sanitizers come in different shapes and sizes, thus, making it easier for you to buy and use one as per your need. For example, the Tool Klean UVC tabletop sanitizer can be placed anywhere in your house. It occupies very little space, making it suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, office rooms, salons and washrooms. 

If you are looking for something to disinfect larger areas, the Tool Klean UVC Rolling Cart Sanitizer is an optimal choice. It sanitizes the room quickly without the emission of ozone gas. The effectiveness of UVC sanitizers is only beneficial if you know how to use them correctly. Here are seven tips for you to follow strictly before buying/using a UVC sanitizer:

1. Buy from an Authentic Source:

Due to the sensitivity associated with UV rays, not every company is permitted to make UV lamps, particularly for home usage. This being the case, it is important to be circumspect before choosing which company to buy a UVC sanitizer from. Make sure to research the company well and be assured of its certification. For example, Tool Klean Inc. is a US-based company certified by the EPA and known for producing quality UVC lamps and other sanitizing products. 

2. Avoid Skin Contact:

We apply layers of sunblock before stepping out of the house to protect ourselves from the UV radiation emitted by the sun. Similarly, make sure your skin never comes in direct contact with the radiation from a UVC sanitizer since it can result in bad reactions like skin burns, itching or reddening. 

3. Gear up on Safety tools:

Handling our UVC sanitizers with utmost care and proper tools is essential. The use of protective gloves and UV safety glasses is highly recommended, and we offer both here at Tool Klean. 

4. Protect your eyes:

Just like your skin, your eyes are also prone to damage caused by UV rays. Never look at them directly, even briefly. If you have kids around, ensure they do not enter the room when UV treatment is underway. Additionally, buying the UV light safety glasses offered by Tool Klean will protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the UV light

5. Be Cautious of the Materials around the Sanitizers:

Overexposure to UV rays can be harmful to certain surfaces and can cause damage. For example, plastic, dyed fabric, and polymers can be degraded if they remain in direct contact with ultraviolet rays for too long a time. To prevent this, it is best to remove or cover certain items like valuable pieces of art, houseplants, or anything that UV light can cause to fade during treatment. 

6. They Can Contain Mercury:

All fluorescent light bulbs, including UV bulbs, contain a trace amount of mercury, which is known to be toxic. If a UV bulb breaks or cracks while handling, it is best to use protective equipment like a mask and gloves to dispose of the bulb safely. 

7. Read the User Manual Carefully:

Every UV sanitizer has different usage duration, safety features, and handling precautions. Read the user manual carefully for each Tool Klean product before using. Familiarizing yourself with the product and its safety features is the best way to carefully sanitize what you need to and prevent harm. 

The Bottom Line:

UVC sanitizers are, without a doubt, a must-have for homes and public places when it comes to sanitization. Correct usage and a knowledge of safety precautions is vital to maintain effectiveness and benefit from the functionality of each Tool Klean product. 


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