How To Improve Bathroom Hygiene Through UV Light

Written by our contributing author Matthew Wyatt and Reviewed/Edited by Tool Klean VP of Marketing Jesse Weimer

UV or ultraviolet light is a form of electromagnetic energy that exists as waves produced by the sun or artificially through a lamp. Black or ultraviolet lights (UV) are commonly used in professional cleaning services to help detect hidden pathogens in bathrooms. This can be on a toothbrush, a hand dryer, walls, ledges, high-touch areas, furniture, and other surfaces. The lights cause bacteria, seminal fluids, urine, and blood, to "fluoresce," allowing the naked eye to detect them and thus enabling you to do a deep cleaning of the area.

UV lights are typically used to test surfaces during a disease outbreak. However, hygiene and bacteria detection in places like bathrooms is emerging. This happens through a disinfecting method called Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) which essentially disrupts cells and organisms that may cause illness or infections. It was in the 1900s that UV light started being used for disinfection, and now nearly all large-scale water treatment plants and hospitals use UVC, especially in light of the recent pandemic. In this article, we will introduce techniques and effective UV products that will help improve bathroom hygiene.

Tidy Teeth UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Bathrooms are the breeding ground for germs, and the last place you would want those germs or bacteria to end up is in your mouth. The mouth gives access to bacteria, allowing potentially harmful germs to enter your body. Therefore, keeping your bathroom clean and tidy is crucial. Not much equipment in the bathroom directly interacts with your mouth besides toothbrushes that hang on your toothbrush holder. Your toothbrush is subjected to multiple types of bacteria and germs, so taking extra steps to sanitize is not only preferred but necessary.

The Tidy Teeth UV Toothbrush Sanitizer sanitizes your toothbrush in 60 seconds with UV light. It's compact and portable, so you can take it anywhere and use it while traveling or in the comfort of your home. This lightweight, 2.5" x 2" x 1.5" case fits every brush head, including electric and manual toothbrushes. It is held in place with an adjustable silicone clamp.

To use it, start by shaking off excess water from your toothbrush and place it in the sanitizing case. Intense UV lights will interact with your toothbrush and any potential bacteria, killing 99.9% of pathogens.

UV Sanitizer Lamp

Once we've ensured that our toothbrushes are hygienic and usable, it's time to do something with the air that carries inhalable pathogens. Bathrooms tend to create unwanted moisture, which is where most bacteria dwell. Keeping your bathroom clean and dry is the first step; the second step is to purchase the UV Tabletop Sanitizer Lamp for your bathroom.

This UV sanitizer lamp can sanitize your bathroom in 15-30 minutes. The best part about these is that they can be used for any room in your house that you want sanitized and hygienic. The UV sanitizer lamp uses ultraviolet type C light with a 253.7nm wavelength scientifically proven to kill bacteria, mold, viruses, and fungus. It has been laboratory certified and tested to kill 99.9% of the most challenging bacteria in 15 minutes. It's worth noting that the germicidal lamp is entirely safe and does not emit harmful ozone when sanitizing the air.

To use it, set up the lamp either on a surface, or hang it from the ring on top, and plug it in. Use the delay feature that allows you to exit the area before it switches on, and after 15 minutes of functioning, the sanitization is complete.

 Efficacy of UV light

The efficacy depends on many factors, like the amount of time an organism is irradiated, which can act as a physical barrier to the light and depends upon each organism's ability to withstand UVC exposure. It is always challenging to achieve 100% sanitation, even in a controlled environment.

The most critical factor for UVC irradiation is to ensure that the design of the system doesn't allow for obstacles to the surface being treated and that it maintains a line of sight. Additionally, dust may also be a barrier, so always remove dust from the UV lamp you use.

To conclude, UV is a form of electromagnetic energy that enables deep bathroom cleaning. UV light can improve bathroom hygiene through various means and tools. The Tidy Teeth UV Toothbrush Sanitizer is the best UV device to ensure your toothbrush remains clean and hygienic. It offers the ideal case size that fits every brush head size and will kill 99.9% of pathogens. To sanitize the air, you need the UV Tabletop Sanitizer Lamp that emits safe light and can sanitize the entire area in 15 minutes.

We hope this article was informative and helps you improve your bathroom hygiene. Remember, it is never to late to use a UV LED light sanitizer for home. Thank you for reading!

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