The Impact of a Particular Woman-owned Business

Written by: Jesse Weimer

The very first woman-owned business in America was created over a century ago, and marked a massive accomplishment in U.S. history. As of today, nearly 40% of all businesses in America are owned by women, including a young but thriving company located in Long Island, New York. 

Tool Klean, Inc. was founded by Lynne Allen in 2017, but before that happened, let’s take a step back in time to study the inception of this impactful business. Allen has always had a passion for dogs, in every sense of the word. She has owned dogs, judged them in competition, and perhaps most importantly for her career, groomed them. 

Allen worked for many years as a professional dog groomer toward the early stages of her career. As time went on, she escalated her passion for pooches to an even higher level and was soon the owner of over a dozen successful dog grooming salons in New York. Allen understood the importance of a dog grooming service, as it brought both health to the pet’s life, and joy to the client’s. 

As her businesses flourished, Allen noticed an invisible foe in the midst of her success. Certain harmful pathogens were making their way into her salons and affecting her furry clientele. Grooming tools and other equipment used to service the dogs were not being cleaned effectively through modern means. This led to some of the dogs coming down with illnesses, either respiratory or otherwise, with a condition called canine cough being the top threat.

After enough of these cases emerged, Allen decided it was time to go on the offensive against these microscopic enemies.  

While she found the dog grooming industry to be valuable and rewarding, Allen eventually set her sights on a larger goal. The mission was simple, to provide a superior standard of health and safety not just for dogs, but for the entirety of the population. Allen knew that executing this mission would take patience, ingenuity, and plenty of faith. Luckily, her extensive experience as a business owner had provided her with these valuable attributes, along with many more. 

By 2017, Tool Klean, Inc. was born. As the name suggests, Allen wanted to emphasize the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy workspace for dog groomers, in order to prevent the spread of disease. But just how did she plan to do that? Through the power of UV light. 

For those who are unaware, ultraviolet light is produced naturally by the sun and is incredibly effective at eliminating harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and mold. Our ozone layer protects us from the strongest concentration of UV light, a wavelength defined as UV-C. UV-C light breaks down the DNA of any organism it comes into contact with, including those of the microscopic variety. While this means that exposure to UV-C light is harmful for humans and animals too, as long as proper safety precautions are taken, it can be a powerful force against the spread of illness. 

In the beginning, Tool Klean offered UV light sanitizing products that were mainly intended to scrub germs away from grooming tools. These products included UV lamps, wands, cabinets, and even UV rolling carts to combat pathogens in larger areas. As time moved forward, Allen found that many of those in the grooming industry were finding Tool Klean’s products to be highly effective at keeping their salons clean and the dogs healthy. 

Word began to spread. Soon enough, Tool Klean’s UV sanitizers were being purchased for reasons beyond clean grooming tools. Customers were buying Tool Klean products to destroy germs in their homes, businesses, workspaces, and vehicles. The strength of UV light was becoming more popular and successful in the overall market. And then the unthinkable happened. 

COVID-19 rolled into our country in early 2020 and put the United States in a chokehold. The potent virus was affecting the health and livelihood of millions. People were unsafe, confused, and worst of all, they were scared. As the pandemic spread across the nation, Allen never once closed the doors of Tool Klean. Instead, she widened her mission of bringing health and safety to all, and began increased sales and marketing efforts so that the country could benefit from UV sanitization. 

As one might imagine, the education and awareness of UV light grew during this period. Many were becoming informed as to the truly positive effects these UV sanitizers could have. Before COVID-19, UV lights were used in hospitals and other medical facilities for decades in order to provide ultra clean medical equipment. Eventually, the FDA declared that UV light was effective against the coronavirus. As the country was being threatened with such a formidable enemy, all manner of consumers were turning their attention toward the best possible solution. 

Fortunately, through the efforts of Allen and her staff, Tool Klean was able to maintain the production, distribution, and education of UV sanitizing products throughout the duration of the pandemic. People were getting the solution they needed. They were becoming safer, and more confident. 

As COVID-19 began to retreat, and the country started to find its sense of normalcy again, Allen’s mission never ended. She was, and still is, dedicated to offering the best possible UV sanitizing products for all who can benefit from them. Since 2020, Tool Klean has widened its catalog of products, enhanced its levels of production, and has hired more staff to ensure the business runs as efficiently as possible. 

As of 2023, Tool Klean Inc. is experiencing its highest level of revenue and visibility to date. They still maintain their strong presence in the grooming and pet industry, but have since entered new markets such as the beauty industry, medical, hospitality, and more. Tool Klean continues to develop new products and enhance former ones. Brand recognition has grown tremendously along with sales and service, as more and more people are recognizing the potential of Tool Klean’s products. 

While the pandemic was catastrophic for our population, it taught us a valuable lesson. The vital importance of being proactive. The possibility of a future threat is never off the table, and so Tool Klean is still completely dedicated to the prevention of the spread of illness and disease through UV products. Fighting the war against harmful pathogens is tough, time-consuming, and seemingly endless. However, just as Lynne Allen began her mission with patience, ingenuity, and plenty of faith, she continues it still to this day, and will for many years to come. Providing health and wellness for the human population, and the pets they love so much. That is Tool Klean’s eternal undertaking, and they are just getting started. 


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