UV Light Disinfection: Safe for you and the environment!

Written by: Jesse Weimer, Tool Klean VP of Marketing

Have you ever wondered just what kinds of harmful chemicals may be in the everyday cleaning products you use? Well, we have the answer and, unfortunately, it's not pretty. 

Many multi-purpose cleaning products contain toxic chemicals such as ammonia, sodium hypochlorite, and trisodium phosphate. These chemicals, as well as others, can not only irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and throat of the user, but can also be highly poisonous to humans and animals if swallowed. 

In the worst case scenario, household cleaning agents that are left unattended may end up in the hands of a child or inspected by a naive pet, both of which could lead to lethal outcomes. 

Lastly, many of these cleaning products and the chemicals they give off are indeed harmful to the environment. The ingredients and gases that are released can be dangerous and are certainly not eco-friendly. 

Enter a wonderful, all-purpose solution to these issues: UV light sanitization!

With UV light sanitizers from Tool Klean, you can bypass the need for cleaning agents containing toxic chemicals and instead clean your home, office, or business with UV light. 

Tool Klean products use no heat, no liquids, no chemicals, and no ozone. They are perfectly safe for the environment in that way and also safe when it comes to sanitizing whatever you need to!

From surfaces, to objects, to even water purification, our products will get the job done! The UV light bulbs contained in our products are powerful and long-lasting. Each product has accompanying safety features to ensure the safety of you, your family, employees, coworkers, and of course, pets!

The lab results from our sanitizers show that they are highly capable of destroying over 99% of difficult to kill bacteria such as staph, salmonella, canine cough, and more. Check them out here: https://toolklean.com/pages/lab-test-results

Visit our store to learn more about which UV light sanitizer best fits your needs: https://toolklean.com/collections

Help contribute to the health and wellness of yourself and the planet today by switching to UV light!




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