5 Ways You’re Spreading Germs in Your Grooming Salon

The joys of running a busy pet grooming business can be outweighed by the fear of spreading parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other nasty germs. We do the best we can but it’s easy to overlook the places those insidious threats lurk.

Here are the top five ways that germs are spread in grooming salons, along with a few preventative steps you can implement today:

  • Direct contact means just that. Every time you touch a pet or a pet that has been groomed in your salon touches another pet, those nasty micro-organisms get their chance to hop to a new host.

    Avoid spreading germs through skin-to-skin contact by thoroughly washing your hands between pet clients. Always wear gloves and take care with changing your smock if you know or suspect your pet client has been infected with parasites or germs.
  • Indirect contact is perhaps the most common method of cross-contamination in grooming salons because we neglect to thoroughly sanitize our pet grooming tools and grooming tables between pet clients.

    UV sanitization is the quickest and most effective way to prevent the spread of germs through indirect contact. Brushes, combs, blades, tweezers, and hemostats can be popped into a compact UV Hot Cup or Oven and a portable Light Stik easily sanitizes large surfaces.
  • Airborne germs can be difficult to control. Many common viral and bacterial infections are airborne but so are mold, fungus, and yeast. Air is everywhere – keeping the air clean and germ-free is an important part of a whole-salon sanitization plan.

    Air purifiers are the best way to reduce the risk of airborne infections in your pet grooming salon. Because germs multiply faster in humid environments (and we all know that dogs like to get wet in the tub!), a dehumidifier is an essential part of your germ-busting arsenal. 
  • Water is a breeding ground for bacteria – and what did we just say about dogs loving baths? Your recirculator, tub, pre-mixed shampoos and conditioners, and undiluted products cluttered near the tub are hot real estate for germs.

    Run shampoo through your recirculator and clean the tub between every pet client. Make sure to wipe down all wet surfaces in addition to cleaning and disinfecting. Standing water is bacteria’s BFF and that makes it every pet groomer’s worst enemy.
  • Feet track germs throughout your pet salon but they also bring dangerous pet germs home to your own furry friends! Proper precautions are a must for all pet groomers but especially for groomers who are also pet owners (and we don’t know a groomer who isn’t!).

    You may choose to use disposable shoe protectors while working. Alternately, be sure to change your footwear before leaving for home. Cleaning and sanitizing your grooming salon floors between clients is impossible, so be wary of anything that touches the floor.

Keeping pets clean is a dirty business but with a few tips and tricks, your salon will be safe for people and pets. Interested in learning more? Join the Tool Klean mailing list for updates on new posts!

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