American Ultraviolet MRS14-4 Mobile UV Unit

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American Ultraviolet MRS14-4 Mobile UV Unit

The MRS14-4 mobile UVC device has proven to be a favorite solution for Emergency Medical Services, firefighters, law enforcement vehicles, school environments, restaurants, workplace areas, bathrooms, veterinary offices / kennels, and really all environments with a smaller footprint. It can be hung from the top or bottom mounting hooks, placed on desks, and easily moved around on rolling carts. It quickly disinfects surfaces at shorter distances and is equipped with the important 360° safety features that help prevent accidental UVC exposure. For ease-of-use it is equipped with a remote control for quick start, and with its high portability, you can see why the MRS14-4 has become a real bestseller.

This unit uses 360-degree motion sensors as a safety precaution and features four (4), 14" slimline UVC lamps optically centered around a highly polished reflector for maximum intensity. System controls are located directly on the unit, which allows utilization of an electronic timer with user selectable disinfection cycle times, and the option to manually set disinfection cycles times. 


  • 360° motion + IR sensor safety shut-off
  • Type 304 stainless steel construction
  • Remote control for cycle start/stop
  • Eye hooks on top and bottom to suspend unit upright or upside down
  • Programmable cycle timer
  • Main power switch

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 20 lbs. (9 kg)
  • Dimensions: 25"h * 10"w * 10"d (64cm * 25cm * 25cm)
  • Lamps: qty (4) GML600A
  • Electrical Requirements:
    • 1A @ 120V
  • Power Cord: 8ft (2.4m)
  • Construction: 304 stainless steel