6 Benefits of Safe and Healthy Disinfecting UV Light

If you’re tired of reading a list of hazards before trying to sanitize your home or business, UVC lights might be for you. A tool that is both effective and smart, UV lamps for disinfection have the power to destroy pathogens using just light from the sun!

We don’t have enough time to list every benefit of using UVC light to sanitize. However, these 6 significant pros will get you started.

  1. UVC light sanitization is better for the environment than toxic sprays and chemicals, or even heat or ozone.
  2. UVC light can keep us healthier by destroying bacteria and viruses. These germ-killing properties are why people often call UV light a disinfectant.
  3. UV sanitizers work on bed bugs incredibly well, especially for destroying their eggs.
  4. Hospitals use UV lights to sanitize frequently. They can destroy pathogens on surfaces and in the air.
  5. UVC rays have other commercial uses as well. They were first used industrially in the early 1900s to sanitize water.
  6. UV disinfection lights can stop the growth of mildew, mold, and other fungi. They are often used to effectively kill mycotoxins and microtoxins in food and water.

The Science of UV Lights

Before we dig into the process of UV light sanitization, we need to clarify the terms we’ll be using. Although UV lights can destroy pathogens, they aren’t disinfecting in the strictest sense. Rather than completely destroying bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, UVC light can attack their DNA and inactivate them. For ease of understanding, we’ll use the terms interchangeably, just like the EPA does.

UVC light is part of the invisible light spectrum. This special spectrum of ultraviolet light falls between a wavelength range of 200-280 nm. When used for germicidal purposes, UVC light can inactivate the DNA of a variety of microorganisms! These include germs like bacteria and viruses.

When germs and fungi can no longer function or reproduce, their power to infect is nonexistent. UV light sanitizes by removing the life force from these microscopic organisms. UVC light can protect the health and safety of everyone around you.

UV Lights for Disinfecting and Sanitization

The best UV light sanitizer for you will depend on the nature and size of what you’d like to sanitize. Whether you need something handheld for surfaces, a small box for gadgets, or a whole room sanitizer, Tool Klean has you covered. Our USA-based team is always available to help if you have any concerns or questions.

No matter what industry you’re in or how many family members live in your house, health should always be a priority. The recent global pandemic has made this even more important. Protect the health of those you’re responsible for with UVC light.

With use that’s safe and healthy, disinfecting UV light is an incredibly effective sanitization tool. Shop our UV surface sanitizers now!

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