Does UV Light Kill Viruses?

UV light and viruses have had a long and storied relationship for many years. Since the 1800s, UV light has been used to sanitize against bacteria, viruses, microtoxins, mold, and fungus. Hospitals have been using germicidal ultraviolet type C lights for nearly 100 years!

What is ultraviolet light?

UV light lies beyond the purple side of the visible light spectrum and has wavelengths between 100-400 nm. The UVC range is 200-280, and this light halts the replication of DNA and RNA, effectively preventing replication of microorganisms.

How does UV Light Sanitize Surfaces and Objects?

Although it is not safe to be in the room while UVC sanitization is in progress, our UV light sanitization devices are much more eco-friendly than other cleaning methods.

Our delay timers and remote controls allow you to safely exit the sanitization area while cleaning the full room, and none of our products include chemicals or messes.

Many people first learned about the statistically significant benefits of UVC light for sanitization during the COVID-19 pandemic, but UVC light has many more antimicrobial applications, too!

Other Benefits of UV Light Sanitization

Bacteria and viruses are not the only things that UV light can help to destroy! UVC lights at 254 nm have also been proven to have great effectiveness against microtoxins, mold, fungus, and insect eggs.

Whether you want to help your family stay healthy during cold and flu season, desire to protect your clients from spreading germs, or have a large community to protect, UVC light devices can help! From handheld to whole room devices, Tool Klean has the tools you need to stay safe and healthy.

Buy With Confidence

When it comes to UV light sanitization, the US government has strict regulations. Companies producing UV sanitizing equipment must be registered with the EPA and approved by the FCC. See our tips to learn how to spot unsafe products:

  • Any company must be able to back up the claims they make about killing pathogens. If they can’t show a lab report backing up their claims, be wary.
  • Any company producing antimicrobial products for sale in the US must be registered with the EPA. This requires being a US company or having a US agent. If a company doesn’t say they produce their products in the USA, proceed with caution.
  • Any legitimate and properly certified company producing sanitization products for US distribution will be able to provide an EPA establishment number. An EPA establishment number with a two-digit code such as NY means the product is produced in that state. A code like CHN means the product is produced in another country. Tool Klean, Inc’s EPA establishment # is 94836-NY-1.
  • Sterilizers must be able to kill 100% (not 99.99%) of pathogens to make objects sterile. Any product claiming to sterilize objects must be able to prove it kills 100% of pathogens. If it kills only 99.9% of pathogens then what it’s doing is sanitization, not sterilization.

Our UVC light sanitization devices will help you protect your health and the health of others in the most environmentally friendly way. UVC light is simple, fast, and effective! Don’t wait, start sanitizing today.

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