How Ultraviolet UVC Light Enhances Kitchen Cleanliness

Ultraviolet light, or UVC light, is as powerful as it is better for the environment. In fact, UVC light is so safe that UV lamps are in studies for keeping food fresh and clean. Ultraviolet is kitchen-friendly, environment-friendly, and incredibly effective at destroying pathogens.

We’ll discuss the science behind UVC light and how it helps to kill germs like bacteria, mold, viruses, and more. We’ll also dig into why ultraviolet UVC light is so effective at sanitizing kitchens. Continue reading to learn more about sanitizing your kitchen with the power of the sun!

The Science of UVC or Ultraviolet Light

When we discuss the power of ultraviolet light, we are specifically describing ultraviolet type-C rays. UV-C light destroys micro-organisms like fungi, mildew, and even insect eggs. All the letters used to describe the UV light spectrum can get confusing, so let’s break it down.

Ultraviolet energy is a type of invisible electro-magnetic radiation. Invisible to human eyes, this spectrum of light has three main types: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. Each type has different wavelengths; therefore, each has different effects on the world.

  • UV-A Light: Most of the UV radiation on earth is from UV-A wavelengths. The difference between UV-A and UV-C light is in the length of the rays of light. UV-A rays are the longest wavelengths and can cause skin damage. This type of light is what makes tanning beds so effective and so dangerous.
  • UV-B Light: These rays have shorter wavelengths and can cause sunburn. Fewer of them reach the Earth's surface. However, they are still harmful to skin and eye health.
  • UV-C Light: UV-C is not more harmful or dangerous than UVA, though you should still take caution. UV-C light has the shortest wavelengths and strong germicidal properties. This short wavelength makes UV-C so effective at destroying the genetic material in bacteria, viruses, and more.

Ultraviolet (UVC) light is incredible at wiping out pathogens. It does so by destroying their DNA and RNA. So far, we know that it can destroy all the below micro-organisms:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Insect Eggs
  • Micro Toxins
  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • Viruses

We can only find a few cons of using UV-C light for sanitizing. In fact, the only con we can offer is that you must limit exposure to UV-C light. Animals, humans, and plants should not come into direct contact with UV light. That said, UV-C lights are by far the most effective UV products for sanitizing.

Sanitizing a Kitchen with UV Light

We stock multiple options for UV kitchen sanitizing, from small item sanitizers to whole-room UV carts. Whether you want to keep your family healthy or care for a professional kitchen, our products can help!

Our Rolling UVC Cart Sanitizer is perfect for large spaces and sanitizing a whole room at once. This is the ideal choice for restaurants and other business kitchens.

The UV Sanitizing Wand is excellent for cleaning surfaces. You can be sure to eliminate all counter bacteria in only 90 seconds.

Our UV Sanitizer Box can sanitize tools and instruments within 10 minutes. This option is great for sanitizing multiple smaller items.

Shop UV Lights for the Kitchen

Each of our ultraviolet UVC light sanitizers cleans with no mess, no chemicals, and no heat. Our lab results and EPA and FDA approval mean that we are a trustworthy source for sanitizing UVC products.

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