UVC Lights: The Ultimate Mold Killer


By:  Roseann Sparacia

May 25, 2022

No need to inhale bleach or other harmful chemicals. Mold removal has never been easier!

As we know, mold can appear in our homes, workplaces, anywhere.  Mold is a fungus and is found in places where there's a high concentration of moisture.  Such as bathrooms, basements, and under sinks.  Mold comes in many different color and strains. The mold we most commonly see in our homes and workplaces is "black mold".  This mold can cause an array of symptoms, including severe headache, nose bleeds, upper-respiratory discomfort, and fatigue.  It can also cause an infant's lungs to bleed.  Mold is harmful!  This is why mold remediation is so important!

Luckily, Tool Klean can help by providing UV-C light sanitizers for sale that are highly effective against mold. UV-C light is an electromagnetic radiation wavelength emitted by the sun.  This wavelength is known to be germicidal in nature.  It works by deactivating the DNA of microorganisms.  Therefore, UV-C light will attack the mold at the cellular level and kill the mold spores easily and efficiently. 

In the past, people have not looked to UV light sanitizers as an option for mold removal because people haven't been made aware of UV Light technology and its benefits. The use of UV lights to kill pathogens goes as far back as the 1800s.  Education is the key!

Our powerful UV-C light sanitizers are fierce mold killers.  Our 100W and 84W Tabletops will kill the mold that's exposed to the light.  If you're more of a hands on, take charge kind of a person, our Handheld UV-C sanitizer is a perfect option for you! Our UV-C Rolling Cart sanitizer is a powerhouse and can handle your large areas with ease.  Its arms are adjustable, and the cart is simple to move around with its wheels for easy transport.


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